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Class of 2024

Stacey Jou, M.D.
Hometown: West Windsor, New Jersey
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Interests in PM&R: Neurorehabilitation, Spasticity
Why I chose this program: “I was drawn by how the program leadership genuinely prioritizes resident education, wellness, and success. JFK provides all the resources I need to pursue any of my career interests. It is also ideally located near major cities while also offering suburban neighborhoods..”

Michael Chung, M.D.
Hometown: Northern Virginia
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Interests in PM&R: General, Sports & Spine
Why I chose this Program:“I wanted to be close to family and friends and be in a great program to further my education and career.”

Eric Heckelmann, M.D..
Hometown: Wayne, N.J.
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Interests in PM&R: Cancer Rehab, Sports and Spine, General Rehab
Why I chose this Program: “JFK is where I was first introduced to physiatry in medical school and where I discovered that it was the specialty for me. Our program is well-rounded in both clinical exposure and didactics and will allow me to pursue any subspecialty within PM&R.”

Yi Zhou, M.D.
Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Interests in PM&R: Keeping an open mind for now! Sports Medicine, Sports and Spine, Brain Injury, General Rehab
Why I chose this Program: “JFK is where my exposure to inpatient PM&R began during first year of medical school. As a medical student, I was impressed at how approachable and genuine the faculty and residents seemed. I felt confident that the ample resources/opportunities and guidance would help me reach my potential.”

Phillip Gordon, M.D.
Hometown: Haverford, PA
Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Interests in PM&R: Spinal Cord Injury and Sports medicine, but keeping an open mind!
Why I chose this Program: I chose JFK because of its exceptional focus on resident wellness and education, with plenty of opportunities for hands-on experience in EMGs and injections.

Class of 2025

Jessie Chan MDJessie Chan, M.D.
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Interests in PM&R: Traumatic brain injury
Why I chose this program: I was looking for a small program where I could work with attendings one-on-one. When I rotated through JRI as a medical student, the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone involved in the program really stood out to me, and I felt that I would have excellent and individualized training here.

Michael Galibov DOMichael Galibov, D.O.
Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
Medical School: Midwestern University - Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests in PM&R: Sports Medicine, Stroke Medicine, Concussion, TBI, Medical Education - or some combo!
Why I chose this program: We are a true family in every sense of the word. I believe that the recipe devised to give us solid patient care experience, coupled with didactic commitment to continued education, was perfectly crafted, with attention to detail. The call schedule also shares that balance, as you feel the sense of responsibility you are supposed to as the point person when on call, but with a lessened frequency of having to do call than I've seen elsewhere.

Faraz Jamal DOFaraz Jamal, D.O.
Hometown: Voorhees, NJ
Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests in PM&R: Pain medicine, spasticity management
Why I chose this program: The warm culture and community really drew me to this program as a medical student, and is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to work everyday. Learning from our attendings, who are incredibly knowledgeable and experts in their sub-specialties, has given me confidence that I will leave the program as a well rounded physiatrist.

Shirley Shen MDShirley Shen, M.D.
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Medical School: New York Medical College
Interests in PM&R: Keeping an open mind! Neurorehab, sports medicine, TBI
Why I chose this program: I sensed a strong emphasis on camaraderie and family-like culture during interview day, and access to both a rigorous didactic curriculum and hands-on learning experience with a 1:1 resident to attending ratio drew me in.

James Yun MDJames Yun, M.D.
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Medical School: LKSOM at Temple University
Interests in PM&R: Unknown, but thinking general, MSK, cancer rehab
Why I chose this program: JFK afforded a great opportunity to work with many of the leaders in the field of PM&R. Also, the strong camaraderie and culture that exist in this program was clearly evident during my interactions with everyone.

Class of 2026

Aimee Abbott Korumi DOAimee Abbott-Korumi, D.O.
Hometown: Sewell, NJ
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests in PM&R: Undecided, but I like neuromuscular medicine, sport, pain, and stroke rehab - keeping an open mind
Why I chose this program: Many reasons but just to name a few- I really liked the detailed academic schedule, and 1:1 with Attendings who really love to teach and are super knowledgeable in their fields, and knowing that I'd be getting well rounded training in all fields of Pm&R!

Ally Ferber MDAlly Ferber, M.D.
Hometown: Woodbury, Long Island, NY
Medical School: Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
Interests in PM&R: TBI, Spasticity, Sports Medicine
Why I chose JFK: JFK is where I fell in love with PM&R. The attendings and residents at JFK radiate genuine passion for PM&R, creating a family atmosphere I knew I wanted to be a part of. This program provides extensive exposure to all fields of PM&R with renowned leaders as our teachers, providing ample resources and opportunities for resident success.

Robert Lee DORobert Lee, D.O.
Bensalem, PA
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests in PM&R: Sports, Pain, TBI
Why I chose this program: I chose this program because of the culture. I saw how the program really focuses on what is best for our education and success and that confirmed by desire to be a part of it.

Barlomiej Olko MDBartlomiej Olko, M.D.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Interests in PM&R: Sports medicine and Pain management
Why I chose this program: I chose this program because I felt that the residents are well-supported in their pursuit of both academic and personal interests.

Esha Patel DOEsha Patel, D.O.
Hometown: Sayreville, NJ
Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Interests in PM&R: Still exploring but so far I enjoy TBI and neuromuscular.
Why I chose this program: I rotated as a medical student at JFK JRI, and was impressed not only by the training at this program but by the approachability and kindness of every single person I interacted with.

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