Healthy How-To: Charcuterie Edition   

Healthy How-To: Charcuterie Edition

A charcuterie board filled with different cheese, vegetables, fruits and crackers.

Traditionally, charcuterie is a French term, meaning a type of cooking focused on prepared cold meats. Often a variety of cold meats are organized on a platter with cheeses, fruits, and pieces of bread or crackers. 

As of late, charcuterie boards have become a major social trend! But how can we make such a popularly decadent style of cooking healthy? Below are tips on how to do just that with a traditional charcuterie board.

#1: Cheese, please!

Think quality over quantity. Based on your party size, try using three to five different flavorful kinds. Why not go for a creamy burrata or tangy goat cheese, a smoked gouda, or pepper jack cheese? 

#2: Meat-less

Two to three meat varieties are fair to include. But remember, cold meats are processed so they are packed with sodium to preserve them, and some cuts can be fatty, so less is more.

#3: Dip for days

Hummus, Greek yogurt, spinach, tzatziki, eggplant, the list goes on. The best part, it’s a sneaky way to get more vegetables or flavor on the board. Packed with nutrients, healthy fat, and protein, hummus is a great addition. Greek yogurt can also be substituted in many dip recipes. Roast some eggplant, toss it in a blender with herbs, spices, and olive oil and you have a delicious veggie-based dip! 

#4: A Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies!

One of the easiest additions to your charcuterie board is delicious and bright fruits and vegetables. They make perfect dipping utensils too! They’re jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients making them an easy choice for a healthy charcuterie board. 

#5: Nuts, Olives, and Herbs, Oh My!

Nuts contain healthy fats, flavor, and protein. Olives can be high in sodium, so be mindful of your consumption, but they’re a great source of healthy fats and pack a ton of flavor. Using herbs as decoration can up your design factor, but they also add beautiful flavor without the need for salt, packed with antioxidants and essential oils. 

#6: Mmm bread

It can be hard to say no to the tasty carb. Opting for whole-grain options instead still provides that crunchy bite but also fiber and nutrients.

#7: Balance is Key

Lastly, remember that eating healthy is all about balance. Keep your portions reasonable! Give yourself some time between your next trip to the board to enjoy a delicious mocktail or infused water. Make the rounds for quality conversation. Give your body time to appreciate and digest the delicious food you just had. The key is not to restrict but to balance with a mindful and loving attitude toward yourself. 

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