New Jersey Entrepreneur Honors Doctors with His Philanthropy   

New Jersey Entrepreneur Honors Doctors with His Philanthropy

Alex Duran

Alexander Duran, of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, is a staple in his local community—and at Hackensack Meridian Health.

He is an ardent and active supporter of the health care network’s professionals. He has been a Palisades Medical Center Foundation Board Trustee for more than seven years and previously served on the hospital’s Board of Governors.  

He recently joined major donors in a notable financial campaign to upgrade the Emergency Department at Palisades Medical Center, where he receives care and also brings his mother. Now he’s set his sights on expanding the reach of occupational therapy at the hospital.

“I want to honor the remarkable skills of the doctors in healing our patients, and the facilities where it happens,” Mr. Duran says.

Adds Eduardo Plata, director of development for the Palisades Medical Center Foundation:  “Mr. Duran has seen firsthand the benefits of medical care for the populations we serve, especially for our underserved and diverse patients and families. He provides genuine connections to the foundation so the hospital can grow its services and offerings, and continually looks for ways to support parents and families.”

A Family Affair 

As CEO, Mr. Duran manages Duran Entities, which includes Ventanas Restaurant and Lounge in Fort Lee, and Son Cubano Restaurant and Bar Lounge in West New York. 

When it comes to philanthropic giving, it’s a family affair for the Durans. Mr. Duran’s children, Travis, Tristan and Gabriella, all support their father’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Duran Education Partners operates Sowing Seed School in Weehawken for early childhood development, and Mr. Duran’s wife of 34 years, Marilyn, is the school’s director. The Durans also maintain their Duran Scholarship Foundation at West New York’s Memorial High School for students who demonstrate the most effort in educational pursuits.

Lisa Iachetti, MBA, BSN, RN, president and chief hospital executive at Palisades, says: "The extraordinary pride Mr. Duran has for his community and its residents can be felt in all that he does. We are so proud to have him as our trustee and know we can continue to accomplish great things together to further the health of our patients, friends, families and residents of our surrounding communities."

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