NJ High School Donates Pajamas for Old Bridge Medical Center   

NJ High School Donates Pajamas for Old Bridge Medical Center

January 20, 2023

There’s just something warm and wonderful—and comforting—about a new pair of pajamas when you’re a child in the hospital. That’s what students at Old Bridge High School in Matawan, New Jersey, thought. So in November 2022, they delivered 60 pairs of pajamas to children at Old Bridge Medical Center.

Students Priya Rana and Darriyah Jackson spearheaded the effort to collect pajamas for kids receiving emergency care at the hospital. Students posted flyers throughout school buildings and made announcements to promote the project, and it paid off handsomely.

“Students and staff collected the pajamas at Old Bridge High School, with our Transportation Department donating many of them,” says school Principal Dr. Vincent Sasso. “When we delivered them, the number of doctors, nurses and administrators that greeted us to say ‘thank you’ was overwhelming. We were so honored to be a small part of a bigger picture.”

The high school’s enthusiastic and proud pajama delivery team included not only Dr. Sasso, but also his assistant Patricia Olsen. They were greeted with open arms—ready to accept the new pajamas—by team members and leaders from Old Bridge. 

“We were honored to meet the students who were behind this generous effort, as well as the educators who inspire them,” says Winston Ramkissoon, director of Emergency Services at Old Bridge. “When kids visit our emergency department, they may be worried, anxious and feeling unwell. A new pair of pajamas to wear may seem like a simple act, but it goes a long way in making them feel comfortable and cared for.”

A Chance to ‘Do the Right Thing’

This kind of thoughtful giving is not new to the school. “Our school community prides itself on helping others. Students and staff are remarkably generous, and they constantly demonstrate a daily commitment to supporting each other with kindness and compassion,” Dr. Sasso says.

Patricia adds: “Our students are always looking for opportunities to ‘do the right thing,’ a phrase Dr. Sasso has made part of our everyday language here at the school. This project inspired us to start a Women Supporting Women Club, and we plan to do more service-learning projects for those in need.”

All at the hospital are grateful for the gift. “The Old Bridge High School student leaders Priya Rana and Darriyah Jackson displayed model leadership, fostered by Principal Sasso,” says Stephen Maher, executive director of the Old Bridge Medical Center Foundation. “The kindness of the entire student body to support this effort was overwhelming. We're thrilled to continue the partnership as the support broadens and new opportunities present themselves for Old Bridge High School and Old Bridge Medical Center.”

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