Grandparents’ Memories Inspire NJ Doctor in His Practice   

Grandparents’ Memories Inspire NJ Doctor in His Practice

Dr. Alex Fu, standing in front of a soccer net, holding a soccer ball, smiling.

When Alex Fu, D.O., talks about his grandparents not having a primary care doctor and experiencing low health literacy, it’s clear both facts were inextricably tied to his motivation to become a family medicine doctor himself.

“In the past, I’ve been connected to doctors who wanted to change lives for the better,” he says. “Also, I was always a science and math type of kid, fascinated with the human body. I watched medical TV shows like American-made ‘House’ and some of those produced in Hong Kong.”

Dr. Fu sees patients at Hackensack Meridian Medical Group Primary Care—Fort Lee, and is affiliated with both Palisades Medical Center and Hackensack University Medical Center.

What motivates you in your career now?

I want to be that person who is a resource for others and helps them break down any barriers as they navigate the health care system. There can be many when people don’t speak the language—I also speak Cantonese. Challenges can range from which doctor they should see to when it’s appropriate to go to the emergency department. I’d like to teach in medical school someday because, in health care, everyone is always learning.

What does out-of-office time look like for you? 

I played junior varsity soccer in high school. I’m a huge soccer fan. Liverpool F.C., which plays in the U.K.’s Premier League—the top tier—is my favorite, and I go to a local pub to watch games. I also like to work out with cardio, weightlifting and abs. I go every other day for an hour. Travel is important, too, and I’ve been to Hong Kong, Peru, Ireland and Scotland, and in America, New Orleans and Boston recently.

Who are some of your heroes you’d like to meet?

Bruce Lee, the Hong Kong-American martial artist and actor, was a role model who broke barriers for the Asian community. His quotes have continued to inspire me and my parents.

Also, I think President Barack Obama is a very cool figure in history. I read his book, A Promised Land, which gave insights into the tough decisions he had to make. It would be nice to pick his brain about his experiences, what inspires him as he goes through life and what tips he has for me as a professional.

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