Data Management and Sharing   

Data Management and Sharing

Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) delegates stewardship of research data to the principal investigator (PI). It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure data is properly managed and shared as appropriate by the professional standards, funder requirements and federal regulations. Below are resources to ensure best practices and compliance for data management and sharing (DMS). 

Sharing Data Requirements and Resources

Whether you are required to share your data, or you choose to disseminate your data, below are resources to help you identify the appropriate repository and the relevant public access mandates. Fill out this form and a member of the research compliance team will help you navigate the process.

In addition, there are special considerations when collecting and publicly disseminating data from human subject research which include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional disclosure language within informed consent
  • Assurances to protect PHI/PII, including review and approval by DTS

Leadership and Training Resources

Research Leadership Resources

HMH Data Management Resources

Data Management Plan Writing Tools

Data Management for Clinical Research and Compliance

Contact Us

If you are required or planning to make data from a clinical trial available on, contact:
Elli Gourna-Paleoudis
Email: Elli
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