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Family & Friends Support Group

Circle of Support Group Available In-Person or Virtual

For anyone supporting a loved one, significant other or friend through their recovery journey, we know this can be a stressful time filled with both uncertainty and hope. 

That is why Blake Recovery Center offers confidential group sessions, the Circle of Support, to provide professional and peer support to anyone seeking a better understanding of addiction, recovery, developing positive relationship skills and prioritizing self-care. Our program is designed to help families and loved ones feel less isolated and better equipped to support long-term recovery success while maintaining their own wellbeing and resilience.

Sessions are offered weekly both in-person at Carrier Clinic and virtually online. Participation is free and the sessions are open to the general public as well as anyone with a loved one receiving care with us now, or who has received care anywhere in our network.


Virtual Sessions:

  • Held every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7pm
  • For individuals currently receiving care with us, please let your loved one’s counselor know you would like to attend
  • For the general public contact

In-Person Sessions:

  • Held every Saturday from 11am - 12:30
  • Location is the East Mountain School Amphitheater (at Carrier Clinic)
  • For individuals currently receiving care with us, please let your loved one’s counselor know you would like to attend
  • For the general public contact

We welcome the community to these insightful and inclusive sessions. If your loved one is currently in treatment, ongoing recovery, or if someone you care about is not yet ready to begin recovery but you want to explore how you can be there for them, we encourage you to join our Circle of Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should participate in the sessions?
    • This confidential support group is designed for loved one’s of individuals struggling with addiction, in treatment or in recovery. This can include immediate and extended family, significant others, friends, adult children, sponsors or mentors. The person in recovery or with the substance use disorder does not participate in this group.
  • What would a typical group be like?
    • A typical group would include a check-in to see how everyone is feeling, time to share any experience or concerns and receive feedback, and focused discussions on specific topics which may include: coping skills, setting healthy boundaries, understanding the disease of addiction and self-care.
  • Can I participate if my loved one is not in treatment or not ready for treatment?
    • Absolutely, the group is here to foster greater understanding and help navigate the disease of addiction, understand the treatment process and recovery journey, and help you prioritize your personal care and wellness while maintaining hope.
  • Is there a cost?
    • No, the sessions are available at no cost.
  • Can children or adolescents attend?
    • Participants must be age 18 or older at this time. We are exploring additional groups and resources for the future.
  • Is the program intended for people whose loved ones are successfully in recovery?
    • The program is intended for anyone impacted by substance use disorders, whether your loved one is struggling, is in treatment, or in recovery. We welcome individuals who have experienced a successful recovery journey with a loved one. Your insights can be especially helpful to others.
  • How do I sign up for a session?
    • Contact your loved one’s counselor if they are currently being treated at Blake Recovery Center and they can facilitate your RSVP.
    • For all others, RSVP by contacting
  • Do I have to attend multiple sessions or can I come once or only periodically?
    • Come as little or as often as you are able. We are always here for you and welcome you anytime you can make it.
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