Green Cleaning in a Healthcare Facility

By Jim Ronchi

Whether you are working in a hospital, a surgical center or a doctor’s office, you need to be diligent with cleaning and disinfection procedures. In today’s COVID environment, emphasis on total disinfection has become even more prominent. Where does this leave green cleaning? Many feel that green cleaners cannot be used in a healthcare setting. They say that they are too expensive, do not work as well, and cannot be used because clinical settings need to be disinfected. These may be three of the biggest misconceptions regarding green cleaners.

  1. Cost – At the start of the green movement, green products were expensive. Since then technology and demand set a new standard. Green cleaners are more widely manufactured, are easier to obtain, and are very cost competitive. In fact, you may find green cleaners that are less expensive than their non-green equivalents.
  2. Efficacy – When purchasing green cleaners, be sure to choose third party-certified products that are validated by UL EcoLogo or Green Seal as they are tested for safety and efficacy. Most green cleaners will work just as well, if not better, than their traditional cleaning counterparts.
  3. Use Yes hospitals and other clinical areas must be disinfected, but that does not mean the rest of your cleaning cannot be green. You still need all purpose and glass cleaners, carpet spotters and extraction detergents, bowl cleaners and cream cleansers, floor finishes and floor strippers. These can all be certified green products and do the job of traditional chemicals without the risk of toxins. It should also be noted that before disinfectant is applied, areas have to be cleaned as disinfectants will not work without this critical first step.

So why not clean green before you disinfect? You will be creating a healthier environment for your staff, visitors and fellow employees, while still keeping your facility clean, disinfected, and safe.

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