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Shared Governance

Shared Decision Making Model Image (attached) + language below: The purpose of Shared Decision-Making at Hackensack Meridian Health is to provide the structure for nursing at all levels of the organization to engage in the work of our Network Nursing Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Strategic Plan and Priorities. This model empowers all nurses to have a voice in decision-making, encouraging diverse and creative input that will help advance our professional practice.

Hackensack Meridian Health Network Councils

Nursing Congress

The primary purpose of Nursing Congress is to assure alignment of all professional governance activities across the Hackensack Meridian Health network. The Council will review reports from each system council and make/approve recommendations and referrals to appropriate groups. The Council assures that nursing activities, performance and related outcome metrics align with and support the nursing mission, vision, values, strategic plan and priorities.

Ambulatory Council

Advises and supports nurses by developing and reviewing policies and practice guidelines to ensure they comply with standards of care, evidenced-based practice, and reflect interdisciplinary collaboration in various ambulatory settings across the continuum of care. Promotes quality nursing initiatives unique to the ambulatory care setting.

Informatics Council

The purpose of the Informatics Committee is to serve as a forum that will promote and advocate for nursing care and practice that is supported by information technology.

New Knowledge & Innovation Council

Advocate that best practice informed by evidence is effectively communicated and implemented across the continuum.

Nursing Quality & Safety Council

Assesses, designs, implements, and evaluates nursing quality and patient safety metrics across the system. Make recommendations for improvements that are consistent with evidence-based practice. Maintain relationships between the Nursing Quality & Safety Council and other shared decision-making councils that are ongoing and tantamount to success.

Transitions of Care Council

The Transitions of Care Council will improve the effectiveness of the transitions of care across the entire continuum.

Workplace Environment Council

The Workplace Environment Council will strive to promote and support a safe and healthy work environment where nurses can care for patients at their highest level of professional practice.

Community Outreach and Support

Partnership with American Red Cross

In 2020, Hackensack Meridian Health formally launched a new, first-in-the-northeast pilot program with the American Red Cross during a volunteer event held at Riverview Medical Center. This pilot program focuses exclusively on providing nurses with the opportunity to volunteer with the Red Cross in their communities.

“This pilot program of the American Red Cross recognizes that, as a profession, nurses are uniquely able to help improve their communities beyond the traditional health care setting. We are excited to pilot this initiative with Hackensack Meridian Health and its dedicated nursing team,” said Rosie Taravella, CEO, American Red Cross New Jersey Region.

The volunteer event held in 2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic formally kicked off the new pilot program and provided nurses from Hackensack Meridian Health an opportunity to sign cards for veterans and assemble comfort kits for those in need after disasters.

“Collaboration and caring for our communities are key tenets of our nursing practice at Hackensack Meridian Health,” Dr. Brodrick said. “We are thrilled that our nursing team is leading the way on this important effort and we look forward to a rewarding and impactful partnership with the American Red Cross as they continue their incredible work to help prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.”

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