Retired Pro Boxer Comes out Swinging After Robotic-Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery   

Retired Pro Boxer Comes out Swinging After Robotic-Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

Hafiz Montgomery
As the owner of Eze Fit Transformation Center in Brick, New Jersey, Hafiz Montgomery, 41, says being in shape is a critical part of his career and lifestyle. 

But about three years ago, after his retirement from professional boxing, Hafiz started to have bothersome hip and knee pain. At first, he tried to ignore it and continued with his workouts. But it eventually became so bad that he couldn’t stand, sit, bend or move without discomfort. 

“I talked to my dad, who had a double hip replacement, and he said his problems started out the same way,” says Hafiz. 

Severe Hip Degeneration

One of the members at Hafiz’s fitness center, who happened to be an orthopedic doctor, noticed his discomfort and recommended that he come in for an office visit. Hafiz was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips, which causes the cartilage that provides cushioning within the hip joints to wear away.

“I had three or four cortisone injections and platelet-rich plasma injections. Nothing helped,” he says. “It was so bad I couldn’t bend down to tie my shoes. My daughter had to do it for me.”

Because non-surgical treatment wasn’t providing the relief Hafiz needed, his doctor recommended hip replacement surgery. Hafiz scheduled an appointment with Ahmed Siddiqi, D.O., orthopedic surgeon at JFK University Medical Center

“When he first came to see me, Hafiz had severe hip degeneration,” says Dr. Siddiqi. “Although he was only 41, he had the hips of an 80-year-old.”

Precision and Accuracy

Dr. Siddiqi agreed that a double hip replacement would allow Hafiz to maintain his active lifestyle. 

“I perform total hip replacements using a robotic surgical system, which allows for increased accuracy and precision, leading to improved patient outcomes,” says Dr. Siddiqi.

Before the procedure, Dr. Siddiqi uploaded Hafiz’s hip CT images into the system’s surgical planning tool. The system then created a 3D model of Hafiz’s unique anatomy, allowing Dr. Siddiqi to create a personalized surgical plan to optimize the size, placement and positioning of Hafiz’s hip implants. During surgery, Dr. Siddiqi used the robotic-assisted technology to follow the detailed surgical plan in making precise cuts to preserve healthy bone and accurately placing the replacement joint components. 

“After surgery, I was walking around in two days and was back at work in less than a week,” says Hafiz. “I only needed pain medication for a few days, and after four weeks, it was like I never had surgery.”

‘Best Decision I Ever Made’

Today, Hafiz is pain-free. With his mobility fully restored, he’s back to his normal fitness and work routines. 

“Now that I’m not in pain anymore, even the members at my fitness center have noticed a change in my attitude and demeanor,” says Hafiz. “The surgery certainly helped me physically, but it also helped me mentally.”

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