North Bergen Multi-talented Doctor a Renaissance Woman   

North Bergen Multi-talented Doctor a Renaissance Woman

Dr. Maria Chavez Santos

January 13, 2023

When family medicine doctor Maria Chavez Santos, M.D., isn’t listening intently to her patients—possibly responding in Spanish—or thinking about how to educate and empower them, you might find her practicing violin. She started playing about four years ago, and now approaching intermediate level, she’s intent on mastering Vivaldi’s violin concerto, “The Four Seasons: Summer.”

Moving to the United States at age 4 and becoming a naturalized citizen in March 2018 was the best gift ever. Coming from Ecuador, Dr. Chavez Santos always knew she wanted to be a doctor to give back to underserved communities. She returns to Ecuador each year and hosts a local medical mission with her family.

A believer in the proven power of healthy nutrition and exercise, she compassionately counsels her patients about both. She runs four to six miles four days a week and enjoys Barre classes for a fun fitness boost.

Dr. Chavez Santos is a graduate of Columbia University, followed by medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx and Hunterdon Medical Center Residency program, where she was chief resident.

You obviously appreciate classical music, but who are your favorite rock artists?

I love disco. The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and Elton John are some favorites.

Where do you want to go next and why?

The Maldives because of its incredible beaches.

What do you do when you're not working?

I visit family in Manhattan, exercise, experiment with keto recipes in the kitchen, spend time with my dogs, and explore restaurants with my boyfriend. I read voraciously, two to three books at a time, and I crochet.


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