New Jersey Dad and Daughter Get New Hips on the Same Day   

New Jersey Dad and Daughter Get New Hips on the Same Day

Ann Kushmick and her father, Eugene McAnuff, smiling and standing outside on a warm day.

November 07, 2023

The term “all in the family” has special meaning to Ann Kushmick, who is in her early 50s, and her father, Eugene McAnuff, 82, of Marlboro.

Both underwent successful hip replacements on the same day at Old Bridge Medical Center performed by joint replacement fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon, William A. Baione, M.D.

A Long Road to Hip Replacement

Ann’s orthopedic journey started in 2020. Thanks to weight-loss surgery in August 2020 and her own determination, she had lost more than 100 pounds.

She worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just wasn’t as mobile and wasn’t commuting to work, so I didn’t walk as much,” she says.

Ann, who lives in Matawan, New Jersey, sought out a fitness trainer at her gym in October 2020. Working out, she didn’t expect “to have to do a million modifications”—adjusting exercises to her own physical needs, she says. “It was hard to just get up and down.”

Low-impact swimming worked well, but Ann wanted to be a more active mom for her teenage daughter.

Eugene, too, was having mobility issues and had to use a cane or walker much of the time. So in 2021, they started physical therapy together to improve hip strength and mobility.

“I had thought about hip replacement before, but I thought I was too young,” Ann says. “I managed my chronic pain through stretching, breathing and other techniques.”

Good Candidates for Surgery

By January 2023, Ann’s hip pain was severe enough that she was ready to consider hip replacement. Her physical therapist recommended that she and her dad see Dr. Baione. After meeting him, Ann and Eugene both scheduled for surgery for March 2023.

“Both of Ann’s hips were severely arthritic—bone on bone—and her father had one severely arthritic hip,” says Dr. Baione. “They both had developed osteoarthritis, which can occur due to trauma, overuse or just having an abnormal hip that affects the hip sockets causing them to wear out.”

Ann thinks her bad arthritis may be a result of a combination of her weight gain, genetics and a series of mishaps. “Earlier in life, I had injuries from falls, and when I was 15, I was on my bike in the street when a car sideswiped me,” she says.

Dr. Baione determined that both father and daughter would be excellent candidates for direct anterior hip replacement, which is a muscle-sparing approach that is performed through the front of the hip.

Today’s hip replacements can last up to 30 years. They’re indicated for any person who wants to be active, whether hiking, swimming, biking, playing tennis or golf—even skiing, Dr. Baione says.

“The traditional posterior and lateral approach requires surgeons to cut some of the muscles that stabilize the hip, and sometimes patients are told not to move—twist or bend—a certain way during recovery,” Dr. Baione says. “The anterior approach is less invasive, causing less damage resulting in less pain in the initial postoperative period with a lower risk of dislocation.”

Amazing Results After Hip Replacement

Ann, who had both hips replaced during the same surgery, happily surprised herself when she could climb the stairs six weeks post-surgery. She visited Ireland three months later and says she walked for hours while there—and she’s lost another 15 pounds.

Her dad, Eugene, no longer relies on his walker or cane and is able to do much more on his own.

“At first, my brain told me to ‘be careful,’” Ann says. “Sometimes, as in this instance, the brain has to catch up to the body, and that was wonderful.”

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