How To Choose a Rehab Program   

How To Choose a Rehab Program

How to Choose a Rehab Program

Rehabilitation is a complex process – and many factors can contribute to the success of your rehab program. Choosing a rehabilitation program that best suits your needs is the first step in reaching your goals. The following questions provide guidelines for making this choice.

Facilities that have CARF accreditation are inspected at intervals to assure high quality of care. The Johnson Rehabilitation Institute (JRI) is accredited by the Joint Commission and CARF-accredited in the areas of Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation (Adult) and Employment Services: Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation Services. Inpatient Rehabilitation Adult Brain Specialty Program, Stroke Specialty Program, Interdisciplinary Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation and Adult Brain Injury Specialty Program.
The facility should be licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Facility. The Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Health.
Board-certified physiatrists have specialized training and expertise in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute physiatrists are board-certified.
Quick access to an emergency room is vital in some situations. Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is located in the same building as the JFK University Medical Center’s Emergency Department in Edison, NJ.
All three shifts of nursing should be adequately staffed around the clock. At the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in central NJ, 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care is provided.
This is the minimum therapy acceptable to be recognized as a comprehensive rehabilitation facility for individuals who have Medicare. At JRI, therapy services are a vital component of inpatient stay to help reach your goals for a smooth transition to the next level of care.
Unexpected or unforeseen expenses may be worrisome. At JRI, your insurance coverage will be reviewed with you during the pre-admission process so that you know exactly what to expect.
Both you and your family members should be an integral part of your rehabilitation plan. At the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, family involvement is a critical element of your care and support throughout your inpatient stay.
Early on in your stay, you and your family are involved in the discharge planning process. You should know exactly what the plan is for your recovery. All equipment should be ordered and follow-up care agencies should be arranged (e.g., home care, outpatient therapy, etc.). The JRI rehab team works with you and your family to involve you in this process and make discharge a smooth transition.
If you are currently hospitalized and would like to be admitted to our acute comprehensive rehabilitation inpatient program, you should speak with your physician and social worker in the acute care hospital. Ask that a referral be made to the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ by calling 732-321-7733.

If you are currently at home and wish to be considered for admission, please call our Rehabilitation Medicine Department at 732-321-7070 to schedule an appointment with one of our physiatrists for pre-admission evaluation.

Prior to your admission you and your family are welcome to call Client Services at 732-321-7733 to schedule a tour of our facility.
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