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Every woman deserves compassionate breast care services with the most advanced screening and treatments available.

Our Breast Care program offers personalized care for women, conveniently located at our state-of-the-art facilities throughout New Jersey.

Breast Care Programs

Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Services

We offer comprehensive testing with rapid results for the following breast care services:

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Mammography typically is the first step for screening. We offer 3D mammography at all locations. 3D mammograms are highly sensitive in accurately detecting different types of breast changes, including breast cancer, especially among dense breast tissue.

If a suspicious area is detected during a mammogram, or the initial results are not certain, we may recommend a high-resolution ultrasound to provide additional information.

MRI is highly sensitive imaging that may be used to screen women who have an elevated risk of breast cancer. MRI does not use X-rays.

A breast biopsy may be needed to remove a small portion of tissue or fluid for further testing. Our breast care team conducts several types of biopsies:

  • Core needle biopsy – A small needle is guided into the lump or suspicious area. Several small areas of tissue, called cores, are removed for testing.
  • Stereotactic core biopsy– A 3D image of the breast is created with your mammogram images. The radiologist uses the 3D image to guide the needle to the exact site of the lump or suspicious area.
  • Vacuum-assisted core biopsy – A suction device is used to pull tissue and fluid gently into a hollow needle, to increase the amount of cells removed for testing.
  • Fine needle aspiration – A very thin needle is inserted into the lump or suspicious area. A sample of tissue or fluid is removed for testing.
  • Image-guided biopsy – Radiologists sometimes use an imaging procedure — such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – to help guide the needle to the exact area for needle biopsy.
  • Needle localization for surgical biopsy – In some cases the lump may be hard for your doctor to reach. A needle with a thin wire is inserted into the lump using imaging. The surgeon then follows this wire to find the lump and remove a tissue sample for testing.
Our Doctors

With the most advanced and accurate breast imaging services in New Jersey, our specialists provide expert diagnosis, care and treatment to those affected or at risk to develop breast cancer.

Patient and Doctor
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