Health Clearance   

Health Clearance

Please note: Health clearance IS NOT required for admission.


Once a candidate is accepted into the Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools, and confirms attendance to the School, they will require Health Clearance prior to moving into the Residence Hall, beginning their first day of clinical courses, or going to any clinical affiliate.

Medical clearance testing should be performed within two (2) months of starting clinical:

  • July/August for Fall Semester
  • December/January for Spring Semester
  • April/May for LPN Transition
  • April/May for Summer Session (Sonography)


All incoming students to the Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools will need to adhere to ALL of the following requirements:

  • Physical Forms: MD/APN must sign clearance at the bottom of the form, make sure all aspects of the physical are completed. Complete the Personal Medical History and indicate any allergies.
  • Nursing Students:
    • Lab titers are required for Rubeola, Rubella & Varicella. Current vaccination is required for negative or equivocal titers.
    • Lab titer or vaccination records are accepted for Mumps and Hepatitis B.
    • Lab results for Hepatitis B Antigen are also required.
  • Imaging Students:
    • Lab titers are required for Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps and Varicella. Current vaccination is required for negative or equivocal titers.
    • Lab results are required for Hepatitis B Antibody, and Hepatitis B Antigen. If you have not been previously vaccinated for Hepatitis B, proof that the vaccine series has been started is required.
  • A Two-Step PPD or Quantiferon Gold Testing are required. Contact the Health Clearance Nurse (908-668-2594 or if you have been doing yearly testing.
    • For PPD positive students, you will need to submit documentation of the positive test with “mm” of induration, and a Chest X-Ray or Quantiferon Gold Test must be done within three (3) months of starting clinical If INH therapy was prescribed, please submit therapy documentation.
  • Drug Screening and Respiratory Fit Testing MUST be performed at Hackensack Meridian Occupational Health.
    • Do not eat or drink anything sweet ½ hour prior to fit testing.
    • Men must have less than 1 inch of facial hair.
  • Proof of Health Insurance must be submitted prior to the start of your first clinical semester.
  • Proof of Tdap vaccination (Must contain Pertussis component) is required.
  • Flu Vaccination, during flu season, is required & offered free of charge at the school.
  • Dormitory students require Meningitis vaccination.

All aspects of medical clearance can be done with your personal physician, EXCEPT the Drug & Respiratory Fit Testing. Hackensack Meridian Occupational Health Services can also do your exam, and labs at cost.

For appointments, contact: 

Hackensack Meridian Occupational Health
742 Route 1
North Iselin, NJ 

Please contact the Health Clearance Nurse at 908-668-2594, with any questions regarding these requirements, or for guidance, before scheduling your appointments.

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