Point Pleasant Doctor Rides the Waves Every Chance He Gets   

Point Pleasant Doctor Rides the Waves Every Chance He Gets

Emmet Fenichel, M.D.

February 24, 2023

Seeing a patient who hasn’t seen a doctor in decades presents a welcome challenge for Emmet Fenichel, M.D., a primary care doctor at Hackensack Meridian Medical Group Primary Care — Point Pleasant. 

“I want to be sure patients are comfortable, and I try to be relatable, so they don’t think I’m just like a robot,” he says. “I try to use my sense of humor to increase their comfort level. Communication is so important in any relationship—especially that of a doctor and patient.”

He recalls seeing a doctor when he was 14 years old whom he thought was insensitive. “You see patients in their most vulnerable state, and that discussion can leave a lasting impact,” Dr. Fenichel says. “I try to be a good, empathetic doctor who’s also up-to-date on the latest research.”

When did you decide medicine might be for you?

My experience lifeguarding when I was growing up influenced me, and it made me realize I really wanted to help people out. I also looked up to both my father and grandfather who were in medicine.

Tell us about that family history in medicine.

My grandfather served during World War II as a doctor at a prisoner-of- war hospital in Belgium. He also taught residents and practiced radiology in Philadelphia. My father is a dermatologist who practiced in Absecon, New Jersey.

As a veteran surfer, where have you surfed?

I began surfing at age 11. My current New Jersey surf season is approximately from March to November—I wear a wetsuit and booties—and I surf mainly at Monmouth Beach and Sandy Hook. I am fortunate enough to have surfed in Australia, Morocco, Ireland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Nicaragua, Mexico, Barbados, Antigua, Saint Martin and more. My favorite is Donegal, Ireland. The Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, is my dream surf spot.

What are your favorite foods to enjoy?

Admittedly, pizza does still contribute a probably larger-than-it-should space in my food pyramid! Growing up, I delivered pizza for legendary Ocean City establishments like Mario's and Piccini, as well as food for Rojo’s Tacos—all still around. But my favorite food would have to be Thai food. I could eat drunken noodles for the rest of my life.

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