Men's Infertility

Our urologists will conduct a thorough exam using the latest tools and techniques to help determine the cause of your infertility.

Your exam will include a semen analysis to measure your sperm count and assess the quality of your sperm. You also may be asked to answer health questions or provide blood and urine samples. Reasons for infertility may include:

  • Varicocele, which is an enlargement of veins within your scrotum that can affect sperm production and quality
  • Obstructed vas deferens, which prevents sperm from being ejaculated properly
  • Nonobstructive azoospermia, which is a lack of sperm production in the ejaculate

Male Infertility Treatment

Depending on your diagnosis, our urologists will develop a customized treatment plan. We may recommend surgery, medication or other reproductive technologies or procedures.

We offer the safest and most up-to-date procedures to treat male infertility, including noninvasive and minimally invasive surgical options. Our urologists are specially trained in microsurgery and perform:

  • Vasectomy reversal, to reconnect the tubes (vas deferens) that were cut during the vasectomy
  • Sperm retrieval, which involves taking sperm from the reproductive tract

Male infertility may be caused by infection, problems with sexual intercourse or hormone imbalances. Our urology specialists can prescribe medications to treat male infertility, including:

  • Antibiotics, if an infection is present
  • Hormone therapy, if hormone levels are too low or too high
  • Medications to treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

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Hackensack University Medical Center has been ranked the #1 Urology Department in New Jersey for eight years in a row by U.S. News & World Report and is the only urology department in New Jersey that is nationally ranked.

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As experts in the field of erectile dysfunction, we offer a full range of treatment options. We can even help men who have not succeeded with prescription medications, such as Cialis® and Viagra®.

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We specialize in a range of urologic disciplines including urologic oncology, infertility, stone disease, sexual dysfunction, female urology and pediatric urology.

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Our award-winning team of renowned surgeons, physicians, researchers and other health care specialists are able to provide exceptional urological expertise, advancements and cutting-edge technology to develop a highly-personalized plan for each and every one of our patients.